Torque Grip Nitrile Gloves

By Fortress Distribution

£14.85 (excl. VAT)

The Black Mamba Torque Grip™ is a powder free nitrile disposable glove designed with a unique Torque Grip™ pattern over the entire hand area to optimise surface performance and allow outstanding grip at all times. Targeted at the automotive market the Torque Grip™ provides an effective barrier against oils, acids and other chemicals providing good chemical and mechanical properties for a disposable glove. The glove is ideal for use during servicing, oil changes, battery replacement, painting and many other routine automotive tasks.

Manufactured from a superior strength nitrile formulation but described as extremely soft and flexible providing unrivalled comfort and sensitivity. At 6.25 mil thick with 10.25 mil thick raised Torque Grip™ the gloves provide exceptional resistance to tears and punctures. The cuff is beaded further adding to its strength and preventing liquid roll back. (100 gloves in a box)

EU Declaration of Conformity

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